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Brick Repointed

If you’re looking for an expert service, you’ve come to the right place. in Fairfield County Roofing & Construction LLC, our aim is to deliver the best possible repointing service at the most competitive price.

Repointing is the process of firstly clearing away the old mortar and any biological matter from between the bricks, and then applying a new course of lime or cement mortar. Whilst it might look easy enough, it is an incredibly time-consuming task and requires the use of the right materials for your wall, applied in the correct manner. A badly pointed wall is likely to suffer just as many problems as a wall that hasn’t been repointed in decades.

Your home may have wood shingles, but don’t forget about chimneys and foundation walls constructed with brick or stone. As time passes, the masonry on old homes eventually needs repair. The mortar holding the bricks or stone deteriorates. Cracks then form, allowing water to enter. If neglected, the freeze and thaw cycle will cause the bricks or stone to fall out and hit you on the head.

What do you do to prevent this? Repoint the mortar.

Brick masonry consists of bricks and mortar. Natural processes as well as wear and tear impact the wall, giving it patina but also reduced strength. Bricks come in different dimensions and with different properties, varying from air-dried clay to hard-burnt dense and non-absorbing bricks.

Looking for modern solutions in the restoration of your old house or building? We provide complete masonry restoration services. If there are signs of fretting mortar on your external brickwork, our trained craftsmen can remove the old mortar and replace it with new.

Pointing and re-pointing brickwork and stonework can be very time consuming and although it may look easy it takes a lot of experience to get the professional finish seen on our jobs.

This also applies to smaller sections of re-pointing, unless the whole area of brickwork is being re-pointed it will be necessary to match the mortar, to achieve this we always carry out test patches.

To replace damaged bricks, we need to ensure that the same type of materials is used, the sand and cement is mixed to the strength and color matched with the existing mortar.