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Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles are very popular as they create an attractive Mediterranean look. They’re durable and lightweight, making them ideal for certain roofs, and they offer better insulation when compared to similar materials such as ceramic tiles.

When installing clay tiles, picking the right size, color and installation method, which depends on the type of clay tile, are important factors.

Clay tiles work well on roofs with slopes greater than 20 degrees. As the slope increases, it enhances the aesthetics of the tile, making it ideal for cathedral-type roofs.

For many people, a roof conveys a feeling of security and charm as it is both flagship and protective shield.

Roof tiles offer many possibilities, roof tiles protect the building, provide possibilities for the expression of regional identity and cultural heritage, they are aesthetic and durable. Our roof tiles meet the requirements on modern house construction, are easily processed and finished with UV-resistant coloring.

No matter if a pitched or flat roof, a hip or saddle roof must be tiled, all roof shapes are feasible, and every desired effect can be achieved – from modern to traditional and from classic to extravagant.

Roofs are an evidence of the construction method, architecture and construction technology of single decades.

Pitched roofs are much more than just a sign and expression of tradition. Owing to their properties, they fulfil key functions in the construction or renovation of buildings. The aim of every roof renovation is the preservation of the original appearance of the building worthy of protection and yet meeting current standards.