Fairfield County Roofing & Construction

Exterior And Interior Trim Work

The interior trim you choose is as personal as your individual taste. One of the most important rules of thumb is to keep the style of your trim consistent with your home style and from room to room.

Pair Colonial-style crown molding with Modern door casing and you’ll get lots of attention, but most likely not the kind you’re going for. Do you have exterior trim that is rotting; maybe you have leaks around windows and doors due to damaged exterior trim and siding. These small leaks can lead to expensive repairs if not found and repaired early. We can inspect and replace your exterior trim and siding with materials that will last much longer than wood trim.

If your interior trim is damaged or just outdated, we can replace the window and door casings along with the baseboard to make your interior space like new again. We can also install crown molding throughout your whole house or just a few rooms.

Fairfield County Roofing & Construction LLC can match existing interior and exterior trim, and fabricate custom product as needed.

Fairfield County Roofing & Construction LLC takes pride in its trim work. From simple aluminum wrapping of window and door moldings to custom maintenance free crown moldings; we offer a wide variety of materials and methods. Our installers respect your property and treat it as if it were their own, ensuring that every customer is completely satisfied with the final product.