Fairfield County Roofing & Construction

Synthetic Slate

Synthetic slate is not susceptible to mold, mildew, fungus, rot or insect infestation. It is also hail resistant and can withstand severe weather conditions and temperature fluctuations and extremes.

Synthetic slate can be installed more efficiently than natural slate, and once installed is maintenance free.

We specialize in the installation of all kinds of slate. We don’t just install natural slate – we can also install synthetic slate.

Synthetic slate is a great alternative to a natural slate roof. It offers a beautiful appearance and a life span of more than 30 years, and it’s low-maintenance roofing material.

Synthetic roof systems are easy to install and mimic the appearance of natural slate, and each slate shingle will be completely uniform in appearance.

Tapco’s Inspire slate roofing tiles are made of a composite of recyclable plastic and dolomitic limestone. Each tile features a differing random texture and chamfered edges of natural slate.

The Synthetic Slates are a prestigious, recyclable roofing product that is not only lightweight and colorfast but is almost indestructible.

No time-consuming grading necessary, lighter, quicker & safer to place in position.