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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is cheap, quick to install, and easy to maintain, making it seem the ideal cladding solution for your home.

Fairfield County Roofing & Construction LLC is proud to provide you with a better alternative to consumer-grade exterior cladding.

Vinyl siding (insulated, traditional and decorative) multiple siding styles, all exemplifying our commitment to elegance and endurance. Our home siding has the look and texture of wood but the durability and strength of vinyl. With multiple home siding styles available, along with many options for siding colors, homeowners can find the right one for your needs and decorative aesthetic.

Vinyl siding is tough, durable and maintenance free. It needs nothing more than a rinse from a hose to keep it clean and you never have to paint again. It’s a great way to keep your house maintenance free and enhance the look of it.

There are certain materials that you can leave on the house if it’s in good shape. However, the best job that money can buy would be to take off what’s there, get back to the sheathing, put a house wrap on it, foam and then apply the vinyl siding.

While vinyl siding is not for everyone, millions of American homeowners have decided that it’s exactly right for them.

Don’t be intimated by vinyl siding. Fairfield County Roofing & Construction LLC know how to install it and make high quality repairs.