Fairfield County Roofing & Construction


Fairfield County Roofing & Construction LLC is an expert in his field. Specializing in retaining walls, steps, pool areas, patios, walkways, light piers, facades, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, chimneys, ponds, waterfalls, dive rocks as well as unique outdoor stone furniture.

We are well versed in a wide range of materials stone, brick, pavers and cement.

The integrity of our workmanship and attention to detail is the foundation of our business and what sets us apart from competitors. Our clients love watching us transform their vision into reality while being efficient, neat and respectful of their property.

When you require a masonry, contractor look no further. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to build or preserve all aspects of your masonry structure.

Whether you want to make a statement or create a subtle and effortless look, we strive to make the first impression of your home flawless. If you’re looking to replace an existing front steps or walkway or start from scratch with a brand-new sidewalk, we specialize in designing the perfect fit for your family. We strive to complement existing and future greenery as well

As both a masonry and landscaping service, we work to incorporate sidewalks into the landscape.

A paver walkway is a versatile alternative to natural stone or brick. Without losing that rugged look, walkway and sidewalk pavers are extremely weather resistant and durable.

A textured stone walkway can give your home a rustic and traditional edge. Keeping with our old-world masonry, options, such as a cobblestone walkway, are modern displays of traditional charm. A wide array of colors allows us to blend eye-catching stones into any home, style, or color scheme.

The importance of retaining walls, walkways and patios in any landscape cannot be overstated. It transforms your yard into a defined and beautiful canvas that accentuates all the good while minimizing the erosion and traffic damage that ruins the landscape.

There are plenty of choices of materials to pick from – brick, cultured stone and natural stone are just the tip of the iceberg.

Retaining walls are a great way to level off a backyard. Complete your landscape with integrated stairs to complete your look.