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Yellow Alaskan Cedar Roof

Alaska Yellow Cedar (AYC), is known for its natural beauty and strength.  AYC has additional characteristics that make it the perfect choice for not only roofing shingles and shakes but siding as well.

Mold and decay are inhibited by natural tannins and oils that are slowly released as the shingles age. Left to weather naturally, they age from a uniform pale-yellow color to an attractive soft silver-gray patina! These features and more make AYC a popular choice for homeowners, designers and architects who appreciate these distinctive characteristics.

Two characteristics that make Yellow Cedar shingles so popular are its strength and durability. Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shingles contain natural oils and tannins that fight against mold and decay, which means homeowners who buy Alaskan Yellow Cedar shingles can enjoy lasting value.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is best suited to be installed with no stain or finish since it weathers to an attractive silver-gray color and there are no tannins like western red cedar that will leach and stain them black.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar wood for roof shingles and shakes is very dense and rot resistant.